Saint Mary Catholic School is celebrating its 55th Anniversary!

I personally invite you to join us as we mark this major milestone. Together, we will honor the past, celebrate the present and invest in the future of Catholic education.

As Pastor, I am most proud of our continued academic excellence, faith formation, service opportunities, and outstanding arts program through which we enrich our students, partner with parents and serve the greater community. We are forward-thinking and continuously striving to inspire each student to be their very best both spiritually and academically. However, we cannot accomplish this alone.

Since we opened our doors in 1961, the education landscape has changed dramatically. We have seen growth in technology and the need for additional resources like never before. In order to provide a well-rounded experience for all students, we need your assistance to help put dreams into action. This could take the form of tuition scholarship funds to reach more families in need or by investing in educational initiatives such as an authentic newsroom experience complete with green room, professional cameras and video equipment to alight curiosity or make improvements to dated staging, lighting and equipment for our theater program.

Please take a moment to think of where you are right now and consider your accomplishments. I am sure you are thankful for at least one person in your early years who invested in you with their time, talent, or treasure. Someone who was instrumental in helping you achieve your dreams. Now, I am asking you to be ‘that someone’. Your gift of sponsorship will help us continue to make Catholic Christian education affordable while offering tremendous advantages for each and every child. Your gift will ensure the legacy of this vibrant Catholic school remains for the benefit of all.

I am available to speak with you personally or you can contact our Parish Business Manager, Mary Beth O’Connor, if you would like to learn more about our goals and mission. Please prayerfully consider partnering with us as you review the sponsorship details below.

Yours in Christ,
Rev. Louis P. Bellopede
      Last updated: 11/29/2016